History of AMTEX

Overview of the Asian Machine Tool Sector

Asia has become the hub for the machine tool industry with the top 3 machine tool producing countries being- China, Japan and Germany. And the potential of this sector is also very high in India, as India stands 13th in Production and 10th in the consumption of machine tools in the World as per the 2016 Gardner Business Media survey.

Such potential in the Asian Machine Tool Sector created the need for a platform such as AMTEX which is  a prominent event of the machine tool sector, which caters to the needs of production and consumption of end user industries such as Automotive, Power & Electrical Equipment, Textile Machinery, and Consumer goods.

Production of Machine Tools

Estimated production of Global Machine Tool amounted to USD 80.1 Billion during 2015-16.

Top 5 Countries- China (27.6%), Japan (16.8%), Germany (15.5%), Italy (6.6%), & Korea (5.9%).

As per the latest research, India has accounted for 0.9% of the global machine tool production. In fact India's production has seen an increase by 1.1% in USD terms.

In India a part of the major hub for manufacturing of machine tools is in Mumbai (Maharashtra)

Consumption of Machine Tools

Estimated consumption of Global Machine Tool amounted to USD 78.9 Billion during 2015-16.

Top 10 consumers of machine tools- China, United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan and India.

Mumbai and Pune (Maharashtra) is presently right on top for consumption of machine tools in India.

Welcome to Asian Machine Tools Expo

AMTEX serves as a crucial conduit between machine tool manufacturing companies and manufacturing, machinery, and engineering consumers in India and abroad.

Consumers looking for cost-effective machine tools and other allied products, and manufacturers looking for high potential buyers find AMTEX the perfect location for nurturing their business and enabling them meet with international standards.

The international machine tool show has revolutionized Machine Tools sector in India and elsewhere with its emphasis on the most advanced equipment and technologies that cater to a diverse range of industries.

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